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We will move your house!

If you need to relocate your home, garage, or even a business building, AB Edward Construction can do it for you. We have the know-how and experience to get the job done.

Moving your house is a breeze!

Finding a good mover for your home can be difficult. You need to research different companies and compare prices. You have to consider how far away they are from your location, what type of services do they offer, how much they charge for each service, etc.

Trusted professionals at AB Edward Construction

AB Edward Construction will help you with every step of the relocation process. From finding out whether it’s possible to move your house in the first place, carefully packing all of your valuables and furniture in containers until they arrive at their new location safely. We will make sure that everything is connected properly at their destination (i.e., plumbing, electricity)..

Our company moves any type of structure including frame, stone, block, log, brick houses, and concrete & steel commercial buildings.

Moving a house is a four-part process:

  1. Site preparation
  2. Building preparation
  3. The move
  4. Setting the home in its new location

We use unified hydraulic jacking systems to raise the building to limit the chance of damaging the structure. Those jacks are supported by cribbing, and a network of beams keeps the structure in place.

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