Demolition Services:

A.B. Edward Construction Inc. will manage your Chicago demolition project from beginning to end. Since we opened our doors in 2003, we have effectively managed numerous demolition projects. Our crews are experienced in planning and executing these projects, so you won’t have to worry about the details. [Demolition Services]

Excavation Services:

If you have a residential construction project on the horizon, you probably need an excavation crew. Our residential excavation company can handle any type of project, from removing some dirt for your deck, walkway, or pool to excavating the ground for a drainage system. [Excavation Services]

Concrete Services

We can handle the entire project, from preparing the area to finishing and sealing the concrete. Our professional team expertly handles every step of the process, ensuring that the concrete will be durable and long-lasting. If you’re ready to begin your residential concrete project, contact us for an obligation-free quote today. [Concrete Services]

Framing Services

If you’re building a new structure or adding to an existing one, you need to stay on schedule. Your building relies on the frame to finish in time. If the framing company misses the deadline, your builder has to wait. That’s a great reason to choose A.B. Edward Construction Inc. [Framing Services]

Carpentry Services

A.B. Edward Construction Inc. offers a variety of carpentry services for homeowners in Wheeling and Chicago, IL. Popular services include: Flooring, Renovations, Siding, Interior Trim, Exterior Trim, Door and Window Installation and more. [Carpentry Services]

Masonry Services

We are a full-service masonry company. From repairs to new construction, we do it all. With our expert knowledge, attention to detail, and stellar craftsmanship, you can feel confident when you hire us for your next masonry project. [Masonry Services]

Patio and Decking Services

Contact us for a decking or patio quote today. Whether you need a new structure or want to repair the existing one, you will benefit from our experience and expertise. [Patio and Decking Services]

Hardscaping Services

We offers a variety of hardscaping options. Whether you want some small hardscaping features to accentuate your softscape or want to go all out, we can deliver. Learn more about our hardscaping services and then contact us for a quote. [Hardscaping Services]