Sheet Piles Shoring

Sheet Piling is used to provide temporary and permanent walls in the construction industry. Sheet piling is used as excavation support and for soil retention. It creates a border which keeps the soil back, away from the structure.


How sheet piling works

Usually, the material used to make piling sheets is steel, but wood and vinyl sheets are also used at times. The concept is to design narrow, interlocking sheets that can be connected and driven into the ground to form a wall. Stability and strength are defined by the shape and material of the sheets. Steel is considered to be the most appropriate material if the requirement is to withstand large bending forces and pressure.

Uses of sheet piling

  • When construction is taking place in a confined space, then temporary walls are used to prevent cave-ins; offering protection to the workers working in the vicinity of the area.
  • In a home environment, sheet piling is used as permanent walls as they provide stability and durability to the interior walls (especially basement walls).
  • Pilling is also used to prevent floods to structures close to shorelines.
  • To protect foundations from water damage.
  • To support excavations for parking structures, basements, foundations, pump houses, and to construct cofferdams, seawalls and bulkheads.