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Residential Excavation Services

If you have a residential construction project on the horizon, you probably need an excavation crew. Our residential excavation company can handle any type of project, from removing some dirt for your deck, walkway, or pool to excavating the ground for a drainage system.

We can even dig out a new basement for your Chicagoland home. Our professional excavation crew is fast and efficient and will help your construction project stay on track. With our help, you can start the next stage of your construction project quickly.

You might be surprised by how much goes into an excavation. Look at what to expect, so you’ll understand why you should choose A.B. Edward Construction Inc. to ensure the job is done correctly.

Site Preparation

Our Chicago excavation company begins by preparing the site. First, we survey the boundaries, so we know exactly where we will be excavating. Then, we contact the Joint Utility Location Information for Excavators to find out if there are any utilities underneath the ground.

Once we know what is under the ground, we clear the area. This includes moving trees that are in the path of the excavation. We must remove the tree roots along with the trees, so the roots don’t grow and damage the new construction.

Excavation Process

Next, we will begin excavating the dirt. Our team uses heavy equipment, including backhoes and bulldozers, to excavate the earth. We transfer the dirt to a dump truck. The dump truck hauls it away, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the jobsite when we are done.


We also provide rough-grading services to our Chicagoland customers. This is the process of backfilling some areas around the structure with the dirt we excavate. Rough-grading is used to ensure that the area drains properly.

Compaction Testing

Finally, we provide compaction testing to ensure that the ground is stable and can accommodate the structure that you’re building. Your dirt will shrink or swell over time, so we use fill dirt to ensure stability. Fill dirt doesn’t shrink or swell, so it can easily provide the stability that you need for your structure.

Types of Materials We Excavate

When you think of evacuation, you likely think of topsoil and earth removal. It’s true that we do both of those services. For topsoil excavation, we remove the topmost area of the ground, including vegetation. For earth excavation, we go much deeper, removing the dirt that’s located under the topsoil. That’s not all that we provide, though.

We also provide:

  • Rock Evacuation
  • Muck Excavator

If you need something removed, contact us to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you haul away the debris after you excavate the land?

We are a full-service Chicago excavation company. We will haul away the debris when we are finished, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning up after the ground is excavated.

Do I have to mark the utilities?

We handle this for you. We call the Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators before digging into the ground. This service identifies the utilities for us, so we will not hit an electric gas, sewer, water, or telecommunication line.

What happens if it rains during the excavation?

A.B. Edward Construction Inc. checks the weather before starting a project. Still, it’s possible that the weather will change, and it will start to rain. If that happens, we will use a tarp and weights to cover the area. Then, we will resume when the rain stops.

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