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Residential Framing Services

You count on your home’s frame to provide the necessary support. A high-quality, durable frame is a must, which is why so many people choose A.B. Edward Construction Inc.

Our Chicago residential framing company designs, fabricates, and installs residential frames. By providing everything you need in one spot, you can cross this item off your to-do list and concentrate on building the rest of your home. Get the details and contact us to get a free quote for your framing needs.

Framing for All Your Needs

A.B. Edward Construction Inc. offers residential framing for a variety of structures. You can choose us for:

  • New Homes
  • Home Additions
  • Remodels
  • Garages
  • Sheds
  • Workshops

This is just a sample of our services. If you need framing for a residential building, we can deliver.

Get the Work Done on Time

If you’re building a new structure or adding to an existing one, you need to stay on schedule. Your building relies on the frame to finish in time. If the framing company misses the deadline, your builder has to wait. That’s a great reason to choose A.B. Edward Construction Inc.

Our Chicagoland area residential framing company has built a reputation for finishing projects on time and on budget. We can even stay in contact with the other contractors on the job, so they know when their services will be needed. With our help, you can finish the project on time and begin using your new home or new addition.

Professional Service

Our Chicago, IL, framing company also stands out due to our professionalism. It’s clear that our team takes pride in everything they do. From showing up on time to cleaning up after a job, they always provide top-notch service.

That professionalism also shines through when it comes to answering questions. You can talk to the people on-site or call the office at any time if you have a question. You’ll never feel out of the loop when you choose A.B. Edward Construction Inc. for your residential framing needs. Our company is transparent, so when you ask questions, you will get answers.

Detailed Estimates

A.B. Edward Construction Inc. also stands out by providing detailed estimates. While some companies simply guess at how much a project will cost and then add to the price at the end, you don’t have to worry about that with our Chicago residential framing company.

We look at what’s involved in the project and then price it. Then, we stick to that budget while completing the project. You can’t get that peace of mind from many Chicago contractors.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to frame a house?

The size and complexity of the project must be considered when determining how long it will take to frame a house. If you have a standard 2,000-square-foot two-story house, you can expect the job to take approximately one week. If the house is larger and more complex, it can take longer. A.B. Edward Construction Inc. will go over the timeline when providing you with a quote.

Do you stick to deadlines when framing a house?

Deadlines are important with every job we do, including framing a house. You can count on our team to stick to the deadline we set when we provide the quote.

Can you frame a home addition?

Yes, we can frame home additions, remodels, garages, new homes, and more.

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Framing is an important early step of a construction project. If you wait too long, your entire project will go off track. Take the first step by contacting A.B. Edward Construction Inc. today. We serve Wheeling, Illinois, and the Chicagoland area, and would love to count you as another satisfied client. You can get a free quote online or call A.B. Edward Construction Inc. at (847) 744-8047.